Howdy. I'm a geek, humanist, avid lifelong learn, technologist, and entrepreneur. I'm into burritos, beer, soccer, coffee, and ideas. And I'm an adventurer in self-employment, tech consulting, and high-tech.

On this site you can dig into resources I've created with the aim of helping others facing the same issues I've encountered or who are thinking about the same things I am.

My day job is as a technologist-at-large: consulting and freelancing for entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations, and corporate clients.

I blog about my adventures here: in self-employment, being a technologist-at-large, avoiding the 9 to 5, and topics that come up in my day job of helping clients tackle a wide variety of IT related matters.

As you browse around, I hope you find something interesting and of value in your endeavors. I also invite you to join my mailing list. You will be notified when new material is posted and it is generally where I share things first.

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What Others Say About Me…

"Josh is a person that I respect, trust and admire." Tim Williams, Digital West Networks