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Geek Research is written and produced by Josh Richards.


Josh Richards is an independent information technologist, publisher/ writer, and investor living in California.

Josh Richards is a 36-year old independent information technologist who writes and consults for entrepreneurs, corporate clients, and other technologists. After getting started early in tech -- including working in several startups and a Fortune 500 -- he went independent in 2006 as a freelancer and consultant.

He's worked for, consulted for, and is a sought-after consultant for businesses ranging from solo entrepreneurs to non-profits to public institutions to multinational corporations. Before that, he was chief technologist for a private regional Internet services provider and an engineer for a publicly traded telecommunications equipment company.

He stopped consulting full-time in late 2016 to focus on writing more, managing family investments, and consulting for a more select group of clients.

Josh enjoys discovering, exploring, developing, and sharing solutions to problems that improve people's lives. Often these solutions involve information technology.

He lives in California, with his wife and teenage son. He's always on the lookout for new burrito establishments (and restaurants in general), good beer, interesting coffeehouses, a competitive soccer match, and new reading material.

His Work With Corporate Clients

In his consulting, he helps business and technology managers, directors, and executives manage and direct IT operations for their companies.

His Work With Entrepreneurs

Josh primarily helps entrepreneurs overcome technology related challenges that are holding back their growth.

His Work With Other Technologists

In addition to his corporate work -- where he interacts and collaborates with other technologists routinely -- he helps fellow technologists improve the business aspects of their side businesses, establish and grow consulting practices, and turn their freelancing endeavors into lifestyle businesses.

His Work With Public/Private Institutions

His work with public/private institutions, such as colleges and school districts, is similar to the work he does for his corporate clients.

His Work With Non-Profits

When there is a good fit, Josh advises and assists non-profits on IT related matters that serve their underlying missions and stakeholders.

His Writing

Most recently Josh has published The Richards Report and Josh's Monthly Postcard Memo (both exclusively for his private mailing list). He also has published and regularly contributed to three blogs for the past nine years. Josh focuses -- though not strictly so -- on problems within information technology or where IT solutions can improves people's lives.

To learn more about these projects or to become a member of Josh's mailing list, visit https://www.geekresearch.com

Portfolio of Affiliated Companies

(includes management, ownership, founding, co-founding, and staff positions; does NOT including consulting clients)

Start Organization Role Situation
2008 JTR Enterprises Founder, Principal Privately held holding company with interests in a number of diverse businesses.
2007 Josh Richards Consulting Founder, Principal Consultant Freelancing and consulting: network engineering, IT management, and technology strategy topics.
2006 JTR Capital Advisors Founder, Principal Dormant.
2001 Digital West Networks, Inc. former CTO, Co-Founder Internet infrastructure services for businesses that demand outstanding reliability. Left in 2006.
2000 Geek Research, LLC Founder, former Principal Consultant Internet infrastructure consulting, managed services, and R&D. Folded consulting & managed services into Digital West Networks, 2001.
California Central Coast Internet Exchange (C3IX) Founder A neutral Internet exchange point for regional IP-based networks. Folded into Digital West Networks, 2003.
1998 The FIX Network Director-Network Operations Internet access and Web hosting. Sold to Impulse Advanced Communications, 2001.
1997 Lucent Technologies Beta Engineer Merged with Alcatel, 2006.
Livingston Enterprises Beta Engineer Acquired by Lucent Technologies, see above.
1996 The FIX Network Network Administrator & Technical Support Internet access and Web hosting. Sold to Impulse Advanced Communications, 2001.
1995 SLONET Regional Information Access Web/Software Developer Internet access, Web hosting. and electronically delivered information about local businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Folded into KCBXnet, 2002.
1993-1996 Self-Employed Consultant General computer, Internet, and technology consulting for individuals and businesses.