You have to start somewhere (inaugural post for new site)

Posted on February 10, 2016

Summary Today is launch today. And there's nothing like it.

Today is launch today. And there's nothing like it. Nervousness. Excitement. Relief. Last minute adjustments. Sudden clarity. Sudden panic.

And, after many months (years?) of work (amid trying to stay focused on my usual day gig), there is a resounding thud of ... silence. 

Some launches are to existing audiences. Many aren't. Instead they are just the start of a long, proverbial uphill, journey. 

This launch is one of the latter. 

(Though, admittedly, some of this will change as I consolidate my other sites and email lists under a new structure, centralizing my publishing, product development, and link sharing efforts here.)

You might think that if you were about to debut a brand-new weblog and resource web site consolidating all of your best stuff collected from your various publications and web sites (going back more than a decade) as well as intended to serve as the central repository for your publishing endeavors going forward, it would take Some Serious Work to get it launched. And, well, if you're not smart like me and instead guessed that ahead of time, you'd be right.

Shipping is not the same skill as Creating. And, when I'm operating entirely solo rather than as a member of a startup team, it's still a skill I'm honing. But we have to start somewhere, and this is my "Version 0.1." Ironically, it contains very little content. Most of the work has been behind the scenes, establishing the plumbing and prototyping and laying out the longer term vision.

This is where it starts.

I'll be carefully curating, porting over, and updating the best material from prior publications and web blogs once this new site goes live. More importantly, I'll be posting new material, fixing bugs on the site, and adding functionality that just wasn't realistic for a Version 0.1. 

The content focus will primarily be on startups, being a freelancer, the business of consulting, technology, and IT ...with a few other bits thrown in from time to time (like my post about the least you need to know to experience the joy of better brewed coffee).

As you browse around in the coming months, I hope you find something interesting and of value in your endeavors. In the mean time, join my mailing list so you get notified as new material is posted.

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