I help client's leverage technology to deliver on underlying business goals.

I've spent the last two decades designing and operating Internet-based services and computing environments for innovative entrepreneurs, Internet service providers, online marketers, and various public and private institutions.

I've helped launch new businesses, launch new services, minimize business interruptions, accommodate growth, assess and manage risk, reduce cost, improve efficiency, improve performance, integrate acquisitions, deal with compliance matters, and accommodate new business strategies. 

I've been providing independent technology and business consulting services for the past ten years or so. Helping clients achieve these things is my passion.

My work with clients has resembled a combination of a chief information officer, a network engineer, and a systems engineer. These happen to be the very roles I have held myself and thus have the most experience within.

I welcome you to browse through some actual projects and typical client results I've been involved with as well as the written testimonials I've collected over the years.

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